i) Counseling services

In the modern time it has been observed that students have a lot of stress of studies and anxiety regarding their studies. Apart from this students feel certain other doubts and problems. Keeping in mind the sound mental health of students and to make them stress free and to motivate them, our school provides counselor and counseling services in the campus. Services of the counselor helps the students in many ways like:-

  1. Counseling students develop positive attitude towards self, others and community and towards studies.
  2. School counselor provides group counseling / individual counseling to  handle peer pressure
  3. Counseling helps in conflict resolution
  4. Counseling helps Time management
  5. Its strengthens Problem solving skills
  6. It helps the students to set goals
  7. Workshops and interaction sessions help students overcome their week areas
  8. Discussion with parents
  9. One on one personal counseling, discussion with parents
  10. Session with subject experts, life skills, poor hand writing, learning problem etc.  are also the concerns of the counselor.
  11. Reasons of low academic achievements are diagnosed and resolved
  12. Boosting the students to focus and plan
  13. Counselor discuss with parents about certain problems of the children


ii) Personal Hygiene               

‚ÄčOur school understands its responsibility to provide appropriate hand hygiene consumables to support the personal hygiene routines of students. Consumables include: soap, preferably in liquid form via a dispenser (for example, wall mounted) in fact washing hands with soap and water is the preferred method of hand hygiene as well as use of sanitizers is equally important

We take special care to aware the students about routine hand hygiene, for example

  1. Wash hands before and after eating
  2. Wash hands after using the toilet
  3. Wash hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose
  4. Wash hands before and after treating a wound or cut
  5. Wash hands when hands are visibly soiled.
  6. Wash hands after touching any body fluids like blood or vomit
  7. Wash hands when hands look dirty


iii) Health and Physical Education

This is an integral part in the education of a child. Physical Education helps students to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are better equipped to take personal and socially responsible decisions. Through participation in sports, students not only improve their physical skills it also develops their team spirit, discipline, self-respect and tolerance. All students take part regularly in sports and games under the supervision of qualified and experienced M.PEds and D.PEds Adequate facilities are provided for Volley ball, Badminton, Cricket, etc. The School also has provision for many indoor games. Keeping in mind all around development of the students our school offers zero period every day in the morning in the school time table for all the classes.


iv) First Aid Facilities

Keeping in mind the health of the students school has provided first aid facility in the campus in the following ways:-

  1. Our school has a well-equipped first aid room which provides necessary first aids to the student in time of emergency.
  2. Our Health and Physical Education team arrange health checkup including weight and height measurements of the students.
  3. First aid is provided in the school premises in case a child falls ill or gets injured suddenly.
  4. School always inform the parents about such happenings by making a phone call so that the parents can reach the school as soon as possible.
  5. Expenses on the first aid are managed by the school.
  6. Pulse polio campaign drops ; De-worming process is done as per the national guidelines.

v) School Clubs

School offers the following clubs. These clubs conduct various activities time to time to upgrade level of education of students and also teach them life skills and values.

  1. Eco Club
  2. Language club
  3. Math’s club
  4. Science club
  5. Literary club
  6. Reading club

vi) Student council

Strength of the students of the school has been divided into four houses according to the (strength of the classes). The names of the houses are :-

  1. Bose House
  2. Gandhi House
  3. Nehru House
  4. Tagore House