Founders' Message (Founder)

We are fortunate to have been ordained with the opportunity to shape the personalities and develop the minds of the young learners and facilitate them with the means of attaining knowledge to develop their vision of leading a responsible, noble and successful life. Our Institution - HVM Convent is the realization of a vision to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make high quality education available for one and all. Our underlying philosophy is to create new bench marks by incorporating new initiatives in the field of education through modern and innovative teaching methodologies and to create distinct individuals who are learned, accountable and dedicated citizens of our country. The journey of HVM Convent started on April 1, 2009 under the umbrella of Harsh Education Society (Regd.). President Mr. D.P. Sharma and Mrs. Meena Sharma, renowned educationists and visionaries, accomplished the dream of commencing a CBSE School. Love for humanity, unflinching commitment, unwavering trust of parents, dynamic strategies and ethical environment are the fundamental strengths of our school which motivate and stimulate students to become future leaders .We look forward the cooperation of all the staff members, community, parents, members of the management and our dear students for their continuous faith and support in transforming HVM Convent into an emblem of quality education.

S. Dilbagh Singh (Chairman)

My Heart fills with gratitude to the Almighty to provide me an opportunity to be a part of this noble service to the community and to the nation. There is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and impressive infrastructure in the form of modern education to face the global changes. We aim at grooming our students into ethical and principled leaders of tomorrow whose thoughts and actions are deeply embedded in the values and culture of our land. Our teams of professional educators are dedicated to provide ample opportunities to students to unearth their hidden potential and empower them with confidence, knowledge, skills and virtues. I congratulate all the team members, teachers, parents and students to make this institution as a centre of academic excellence in the city.

Mr. D.P. Sharma (President)

Like a sapling that grows with careful nurturing and supervision, I have seen the birth and growth of an education system of which HVM Convent School has been the crux and it is my earnest endeavor to provide the world with motivated , disciplined and responsible human beings having sound morals and global outlook. Moulding impressionable minds and guiding them on the right paths lit with learning and knowledge, is a challenging and very responsible job that cannot be taken up without dedication and passion. Our school’s objective is to continue being recognized as a torch bearer of leading educational methods having unique philosophy to nurture individual talents of the children. I assure that the dedicated staff, incomparable facilities and above all harmonious environment provided to the students will create an ambience of excellent academic support.

Ms. Radhika Jain (Director)

Thank you for your interest in HVM Convent Sr. Sec. School. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate the spirit of our school the warmth, purpose and dedication to succeed. I believe that every child deserves and needs a high quality broad based education in order to succeed in life. HVM Convent Sr. Sec. School is big enough to possess all prime facilities, and small enough to identify & provide for the needs of each individual learner. Children will be encouraged to develop their knowledge by using all possible sources from modem technology to traditional methods. On a personal level, I am immensely hollowed for the faith and trust placed in me by Chairman S. Dilbagh Singh the School President, Mr. D.P. Sharma and Mrs. Meena Sharma, Our dedicated staff and I will try our best to create a motivating & joyous atmosphere to nurture your child, expanding the horizons of possibility to grow, to learn and to shine like the rising sun.

Mrs. Sunita Kumari (Principal)

It is my privilege and pride in acknowledging that HVM Convent School has taken rapid strides to establish itself as one of the leading CBSE schools in the city. Our institute envisages an all-round, balanced and holistic education to generate fine qualities of head, heart and hand making our students ready for future perspectives. The uniqueness of each child is recognized, nurtured and treasured by channelizing and exhibiting skills of the young impressionable minds. Our highly dedicated and experienced faculty provide them quality education, experiential, scientific and dynamic learning platform to raise them as skilled, reliable and dedicated contributors to the society. I express my heart felt gratitude to Chairman S. Dilbagh Singh, School's President Mr. D.P. Sharma and the parents, students, teachers and management for retaining their trust in us. I assure you that through the synergized efforts of all of us, our students will soar great heights of success in future.